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About us

MZPACK company was established in 2008 as an intermediary in the packaging industry, but after two years we came to the conclusion that if we want to be competitive – we need to start production.

We decided to produce cardboard corners  – product still underestimated by manufacturers and logisticians, and so useful for securing products and cargo. In the production we achieved complete professionalism and European standard. We got the certificate received from Pulp and Paper Institute. Certificate confirms our ability to use cardboard corners also in contact with food. MZPACK – cardboard corners.

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Your products have been damaged during transportation ? You stored goods and it  have been deformed ? Are you wondering how to protect them better?

Call us: +48 604 405 144! We will help you to choose the right type of cardboard angles to keep your products safe


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Receive free samples of our products.

The MZPACK company is the manufacturer of cardboard angles.

Call now and ask for free samples of our products: +48 604 405 144