Square shipping tubes

Kup teraz kwadratowe tuby wysyłkowe

In the case of large-format printed items – calendars, posters, maps or photo wallpapers – sellers who use the option of mail order sales are happy to pack these products in tubes with a round base. The shipping tube guarantees that the product packed in it will not be damaged, crushed or torn. Round tubes usually made of solid cardboard, which protects the product hidden inside, and are closed with push-in, also round plugs, keeping the shape of the tube and not allowing it to break under the weight from the outside. This method of transport facilitates the delivery of the ordered goods to the customer, but generates additional costs of the transport itself.

Square tube – a way to avoid extra charges for a non-standard package

For the transport of unsorted parcels, courier companies charge a fee of 50-100 percent of the transport value of a standard parcel. Non-standard packages include, among others, round shipping tubes – they are classified as irregularly shaped shipments, taking up more space in the courier’s car than a shipment packed in a regular, cubic cardboard box. In addition to their irregular shape, round tubes roll in the magazine, fall off the conveyor belt and may be mechanically damaged. Packaging manufacturers are therefore trying to offer sellers cardboard packaging that will allow the transport of irregular products at standard prices offered by courier companies. For these reasons, a concept was created implemented by innovative packaging manufacturers, such as MZPACK – a leader in the production and sale of cardboard packaging. This is a square shipping tube.

Square shipping tubes with a square base

Square tubes stand out from other packaging of printing materials in that they are the only ones that provide a high guarantee of protection of the packed materials. Thanks to their foldable shape, they are easy and cheap to transport, and their strength does not differ from that of a standard round tube. The rectangular structure of the square tube allows it to be easily placed in the car of the shipping company, without the risk that it will fall from somewhere, roll down and damage. It also means that square tubes can be packed much better and denser than round tubes – both in the case of individual courier shipments and when it comes to placing products on pallets. A square-based shipping tube, placed side by side on a standard pallet, is packed much denser than round tubes with spaces between them. An example can illustrate this:

Kwadratowe tuby wysyłkowe, kup teraz dzięki MZPack

The standard carrier’s pallet will include approximately 1,200 densely packed round tubes with a base diameter of 4.5 centimeters. There will be free, unused spaces between the tubes. Having square tubes and placing them on a pallet next to each other, about 1600 tubes with a base side of 4.5 centimeters should fit on an identical standard pallet. This leads to considerable savings in the transport of each pallet.

Additionally, it should be taken into account that tightly packed cartons ensure each other’s safety – there is no shifting or damage to the packaging. Due to their cylindrical shape, round tubes tend to shift during transport – this problem does not exist when square tubes are used. They are extremely solid and durable, resistant to various mechanical forces, such as compression or impact, stiff and stable. They meet the requirements of all consumers who plan to ship a long, narrow item or large-format printout.

The innovative solution of square shipping tubes.

The leader of the packaging industry, MZPACK, focuses on the most beneficial solutions for suppliers of non-standard shipments. The square shipping tube designed and manufactured by its employees meets the expectations of all sellers of large-format paper products. The square tube guarantees the safety of the packed items and significantly reduces transport costs, which could even double if the packaging was used differently. Square sleeves are sold in packages with plugs and are manufactured in any length ordered by the customer. The available dimensions of the square tube base are 45 × 45, 70 × 70, 90 × 90 and 120 × 120 millimeters. The optimal size of the folded square tube allows you to stick the address label on it without any problem. Closed, addressed to the customer and handed over to a shipping company or post office, the tube does not require manual handling in sorting rooms, which reduces costs and reduces the time for the parcel to cover the next stages from the seller to the customer. Square tubes produced by MZPACK can be ordered in any length, so you can pack each item in them. This applies in particular to large-sized wall murals, curtain poles, fishing rods and other long articles. It is also worth noting that a rectangular package is easier to pick up and carry than a cylindrical package that slips out of your hands, which in addition tends to roll and run away from the courier after a fall. Johnnie Walker – a producer of world-famous whiskey – found out about it already at the beginning of the 20th century. Exporting bottles of his alcohol to the United States, he noticed that more bottles with a square base were entering the crate. Additionally, square bottles didn’t break that often. MZPACK uses exactly the same mechanism of reducing shipping costs, by using their innovative packaging, and reduces the number of mechanical damage by tightly packing adjacent tubes.

Kwadratowe tuleje, tuby wysyłkowe z tektury litej

Safe company = safe delivery thanks to square tube

MZPACK has been operating in the packaging industry for over a decade and during this time it has grown into one of the undisputed industry leaders. Starting the production of cardboard packaging with the production of solid cardboard angles, over the years and gaining experience, the company introduced newer products to the market. MZPACK’s offer includes, among others, tubes with a round base, of various diameters. The square tube is an exceptionally innovative solution and a novelty in the manufacturer’s offer. Its square cross-section allows for easy storage and even easier transport. The MZPACK company has also been appreciated on European markets – the approvals it has obtained, including the certificate of the Pulp and Paper Institute, are the confirmation of the standards necessary to conduct sales in the European Union countries. The first angle sections produced by MZPACK are approved for contact with food, which also increases consumer confidence in the packaging produced. Following the ecological trend adopted by more and more manufacturers of various articles, the cardboard tubes produced by MZPACK can be 100 percent recycled. The environment is extremely important, especially in the paper industry. The cardboard used by MZPACK for the production of square tubes is extremely durable and largely resistant to adverse weather conditions, but the products packed in tubes should not be left exposed to rain for a long time.

Kup teraz kwadratowe tuby wysyłkowe

To sum up, mail order sales are gaining support every year. Online stores usually have more choice than their stationary counterparts, product prices are also lower, and in addition, the consumer is additionally protected by Polish law and may return it to the seller within fourteen days of making the purchase without giving a reason. At the same time, the demand for both courier services and packaging is increasing. Manufacturers of envelopes and cardboard packaging provide online stores and individual customers with ever better solutions, adapted to market needs. Square sleeves for transporting long, easily damaged items are a great solution for online sellers, because they both provide exceptional protection for the transported goods and significantly reduce shipping costs.

Square shipping tubes are an innovative solution for those who want to ship their goods in packages that can contain more goods than in the case of round sleeves. In addition, it cannot be denied that it is much easier to transport square packages than cylindrical ones, which move easily under the influence of shocks or vigorous movements. Square shipping tubes simplify shipping methods. They enable delivery of goods in perfect condition!

Each tube is equipped with plugs – top and bottom, so you can easily remove its contents from the package. A tube with 2 plugs works much better than a sleeve with a bottom and one plug. In this case, you do not need to force anything or stuff, just open the lid, arrange the goods in the right way and on both sides, close.

Square shipping tubes – why is it worth investing?

  • square tubes are easily opened and closed with the help of a specially designed adhesive strip.
  • they are very stable. Contrary to cylindrical packaging, they will certainly not move during transport, which in turn minimizes the risk of damaging the contents.
  • Thanks to the specificity of its construction, it is easy to put it in the package, next to other similar tubes, and there will be no empty space left in the package. This means that the volume of the package will be smaller, and therefore economical, the shipment will be more profitable because there will be no “unnecessary air” in the package.
  • The tube made by our company is strong – the product has a three-layer cardboard cover, so it is difficult to destroy the packaging. Our square shipping tubes are resistant to unfavorable external factors, as well as moisture and up to certain limits – water.
  • Each tube is made of kraft paper, i.e. cardboard made of recycled paper. However, before we used the paper for use, we subjected it to processing and hardening processes. The mechanical processing of recycled tar paper involves pressing, smoothing and cooking it together with chemicals that make it more resistant than it is normally. Importantly, the compounds used in the production of paper do not show any toxicity to humans. They can be used in the food industry. Recycled paper is an expression of our concern for the environment. We hope that you will choose a product not created at the expense of trees!
  • Our square shipping tubes come in different sizes as we know you need different size products. The tube for storing documents, posters and drawings will be different, and different for modern city plans or maps.
  • Square shipping tubes can even be a gift for someone who knows how to “give life” to such a package. The fact is that ecology is becoming more and more fashionable, and thus cardboard packaging is becoming fashionable. The child will surely know how to give them spirit with paints or crayons.


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