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Our printed adhesive tape combines all the elements of security and advertising, discreetly reaching the customer. Thanks to their excellent adhesive properties, they effectively protect parcels against unwanted opening.

MZPACK – adhesive tape with an overprint, tape with an overprint

Everyone wants the parcel to reach the target customer intact. More and more people pay attention not only to the proper protection of the package, but also to the aesthetics and quality of the packaging. In order to increase the transfer of information about the product, the company uses printed tapes on a large scale.

In addition, the printed adhesive tape used to secure packages containing sold products, gadgets or gifts is an effective, non-intrusive form of advertising, with a small financial outlay. They are mostly used by online stores, but not only. Research shows that customers perceive companies that use printed ribbons to be more reliable and are more likely to entrust them with subsequent orders. Why? Because apart from their basic function, they fulfill another, equally important, informational function.

Printing on BOPP tapes is made using the flexographic method, which ensures high-quality printing. The customer can choose any 3 print colors according to the Pantone or RAL system plus the background color of the tape (white, brown or transparent). Thanks to the use of modern printing techniques, our printed adhesive tape is resistant to weather conditions and retains its aesthetic value and durability for a long time.

The tapes can be made with adhesives:

  • acrylic
  • hot melt (synthetic rubber)
  • solvent (natural rubber)

The printing on the tapes is made only with paints with a UV filter, which means that the color does not rub off with time and pleases the eyes with an intense color.

The adhesive tape used to secure parcels with the company’s logo, advertising information or other text not only promotes the product, but also arouses the customer’s respect, testifies to the company’s professionalism and position.

Our offer includes a wide range of tapes in various sizes, colors and shapes, on various adhesives, depending on the needs, with a print according to the customer’s order.

The printed adhesive tape we offer will make even ordinary, gray cardboard that reaches the recipient an original showcase. The company will gain recognition, and a satisfied customer will certainly come back to you more than once.

MZPACK is a manufacturer of printed tapes

Each of the tapes we offer has specific properties, as they have been designed with the various needs of our customers in mind.

  • Tapes made of acrylic adhesives are extremely resistant to mechanical damage. They are resistant to UV radiation, processes related to aging and natural deterioration of the material, moisture and high temperature. They are perfect for both slippery and smooth surfaces.
  • Synthetic rubber (hot melt), synthetically modified rubber – it is characterized by high adhesive strength and above average high temperature resistance. They also work well in environments susceptible to moisture and water.
  • Solvent (natural rubber) – the material from which they were made works great on smooth, slippery, rough or porous surfaces. After gluing, it is difficult to detach them from the substrate. They are highly resistant to water, moisture, high and low temperatures. Surprisingly, they also work well in the cold!

Printed tapes are not only the power of action and adaptation to the client’s needs, but also advertising! According to psychologists, a person remembers every unintentionally read inscription. What if he reads it a few, a dozen or even several dozen times a day? It is obvious that the name of your company will pop into his head and his brain neurons will remember it for a long time! There is therefore a good chance that when he needs a product or service that you are able to offer him, he will not go to the competition, but to you! Man works in a simple way, he does not like to make his life difficult, so he will not seek help from other companies, but will come to you! Marketing of the 21st century is no longer about pressing colorful leaflets and newsletters, which will end up in the trash anyway, but about the so-called “Discreet advertising”. The client will not even think that the logo and name of your company on the packaging tape are advertising … Yes, they will remember your name and location of the company, but will treat you as a trickster or an advertiser!

Which tape to choose?

Before you decide to buy a packing tape, know that the quality of the delivered goods depends mainly on it. We advise against buying a tape in a supermarket with the label “promotion”. Know that most popular retail chains try to save money by using mixtures of the lowest quality synthetic rubber as an adhesive base.

Tapes with an acrylic base are perfect as a material for grafting paper, cardboard and foil. Because they work well in positive temperatures, but they are a bit worse in frost, they can be safely used at home, office or heated rooms, rarely exposed to cold. Remember that they are resistant to moisture, although in this respect they also have better counterparts.

Tapes with a synthetic rubber base are characterized by a relatively high adhesive strength. They were created for packing medium-heavy packages. They are resistant to severe weather conditions, moisture, cold, high temperatures, although it is recommended to use them mainly in positive temperatures. Perfect for longer transport in not necessarily heated cabin.

Solvent tapes are made of 100% natural rubber, to which they owe their unique properties. It’s good to know that natural rubber can cope with all conditions – it has great adaptability! Hence, solvent tapes have unique uses. They are very durable, resistant to moisture, in fact it is difficult to tear them off the glued substrate. It is not difficult to guess that they will work in any environment!

Our printed tapes are fully professionally prepared to fulfill their role. You get great material, tailored to your needs and discreet advertising of your business. Remember that the packing tape glued to the boxes can pass through hundreds of hands every day, among which there will be potential customers of your business!


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