Adhesive tape with overprint

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Each of us depend on that to shipment arrive intact to your customers. More and more people draws attention not only to the appropriate security pack, but also the esthetics and quality of the packaging. To increase the transmission of information about the product, the company widely use tape with overprint. Our adhesive tape with overprint combines all the elements of security and advertising, discreetly reaching the customer.

Thanks to the excellent adhesive properties, effectively protects the consignment against unauthorized opening. For the most part they are used by leading online stores, but not only. The research shows that customers perceive the company using tape imprinted with a more reliable and more willing to entrust them with new orders. Why? Because only the basic features meet another, equally important, informative function.

The print on the tape is performed only inks with UV filter, which makes that color will not rub off over time and enjoys eyes with intense color.

Using adhesive tape overprinted with company logo, advertising information or other text not only promotes the product, but also commands respect customer, it testifies to the professionalism and the company’s position.

We offer a wide range of tapes in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes, depending on the needs, printed according to customer order.


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