Stretch foil

MZPack to producent folii stretch

The stretch films we offer are polyethylene films (LLDPE CAST), commonly used to stabilize and protect products during packaging and transport, both on pallets and individual items of larger dimensions.

Stretch foil

Stretch films are gaining recognition among an increasing number of users. Currently, they are used not only in transport, trade, but also in households and agriculture.

The films we offer are polyethylene films (LLDPE CAST), commonly used to stabilize and protect products during packaging and transport, both on pallets and unit items with larger dimensions. The safety of stretch film is particularly important during transport and storage.

It is the most economical way of securing all products, minimizing the risk of damage to the load, while protecting the goods against dirt and moisture.

Properly selected stretch film guarantees the delivery of various types of goods, from cartons, through slats, building materials and glass in an intact condition. It prevents the products from slipping, thanks to their appropriate compression with foil, it is resistant to mechanical damage or weather conditions. In addition, the colored stretch film perfectly hides the contents of the package, protects against fading of materials, etc.

The films we offer are characterized by:

Manual stretch film (stretch up to 150%)

  • Standard thicknesses: 17 mic, 20 mic, 23 mic, 30 mic
  • Weight: depending on the customer’s needs, usually 1.5 kg, 2.5 kg, 3 kg
  • Width: 10 cm, 12 cm, 25 cm, 50 cm
  • Color: colorless, white, black

Machine stretch film (stretch from 150% – standard to 300% – super) used for securing loads on pallets using all types of wrappers.

  • Standard thicknesses: 17 mic, 20 mic, 23 mic, 30 mic
  • Width: 10 cm, 12 cm, 25 cm, 50 cm and 70 cm
  • Color: colorless, white, black

All films from our offer are characterized by lightness and elasticity. They perfectly wrap loads of even different, irregular shapes, do not stick to each other and perfectly protect the goods they protect. Due to high efficiency and price, stretch films are the cheapest material used in transport or storage of all goods.

Stretch foil

Polyethylene stretch film provides 100% protection of the transported goods. Because it is very flexible (150% stretch in both directions), you have a guarantee that the foil will not be damaged during use. What’s more, it is self-adhesive on both sides, so it can easily adhere to the goods it protects. This is very important because only a tightly packed material will not move, and moreover, it will be much more resistant to damage than when it is packed loosely.

The stretch film is resistant to low temperatures. This means that your goods can be safely wrapped in foil and may stay in the cold for some time. The stretch film will not break, and your item will not be exposed to the environment.

The advantage of stretch film is that it perfectly stabilizes pallet loads. Because it is made with the use of modern “BLOWN” technology, where the resin is blown in two directions and then quickly cooled with air, at an appropriately low temperature, it is extremely resistant to stretching, cracking and sharp edge treatment. This means that the stretch film will very well protect e.g. paving stones, which are heavy and have sharp edges. The stretch film is resistant to water.

How to choose a good stretch film?

Producers of various types of films often try to save by using inferior quality raw materials for their products. The fact is that polyethylene used in the production of foil should have the right properties, and above all, density. The resin should also have the appropriate viscosity, be properly distributed, which is often forgotten by production plants. It cannot be denied that it is economically more profitable to purchase inferior quality raw materials, which manufacturers are trying to ineptly hide. The fact is that lower-quality raw materials will also affect the quality of the resulting product. As a rule, this type of stretch film is sold at highly discounted prices. You can easily find them on the shelves of some supermarkets.

Good stretch film is not a “random” product without a description, noticed somewhere in the store, but it has specific properties and description. The stretch film we offer is available in various thicknesses (from 17 to 30 mic), widths (10-50 cm) and even in various colors. Remember that sometimes it is better to protect the packed goods with colored foil so that the color of the item you are wrapping does not fade. You can buy our stretch film in packages of various weight, depending on your needs.

It is obvious to us that the thickness of the foil depends on the situation, on the storage conditions and on the goods you intend to wrap. Hence, we give you many options to choose foil parameters. Building blocks on a pallet are not the same as a book in a box or glass decorations. Everything has different limits of strength and each item should be packed differently, wrapped in stretch foil of a different thickness! We understand it perfectly, that’s why we want to adapt to your expectations!


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