Cardboard corners

kątowniki z tektury litej

The solid cardboard angles we produce protect the entire load against damage to the edges and corners during transport or storage. They protect against dents caused by strapping tapes, and additionally stabilize and stiffen the shipment, enabling stacking of loads.

Solid cardboard angles

Our solid cardboard angles, thanks to their strength, can be used for packing goods on pallets:

  • with the use of foil wrappers,
  • wrapping rolls,
  • plates,
  • doors and furniture,
  • fruit and vegetables,
  • and other products.

The use of our solid board angles allows to eliminate losses resulting from transport and storage. During production, we use ecological materials, including the highest quality paper!

Solid cardboard angles that we produce – consist of several layers of Kraft paper. By using an appropriate production process, a product is created with increased resistance to deformation, moisture and adverse weather conditions.

Our angles have been successfully used for years by vegetable producers or in cold stores with high humidity.

Dimensions of our solid board angles:

  • Wing width: from 30mm to 100mm
  • Wall thickness from 2 mm to 10 mm
  • Length up to 6000 mm

We offer angles:

  • isosceles
  • unequal
  • bent
  • incised
  • covered with materials with increased resistance to moisture
  • with any imprint

In order for our product to reach you on time – we send it at our expense * by Schenker courier.

* for full pallet orders


Solid cardboard angles are the perfect protection for each product. Most importantly, they enable safe transport of heavy and difficult goods. They are a very good stiffener, they prevent the goods from falling off the pallet and allow them to be delivered in perfect, intact condition. Solid cardboard angles are made of many layers of extremely hard, high-quality paper, with a grammage properly selected by our specialists, which has been additionally covered with polyethylene. It is for this reason that our angle sections are resistant to acids, salts, alkalis and low temperature. We specially chose polyethylene to cover the cardboard, because we know the properties of this material very well. We know it provides resistance to moisture and its chemical atomic structure makes it strong. Therefore, you can safely transport any goods with their help, even in the cold! The product is tight and resistant to water vapor, so you can be sure that your expensive goods are protected even when they are placed outside and are soaked by rain.

Solid cardboard angles are made in such a way that they are impermeable to light. Thanks to this, it becomes possible to prevent the unsightly fading of the transported goods at the edges, which normally happens quite often when the goods are secured with low-quality material, and this phenomenon can be observed quite often in the case of colored paving stones packed on pallets and left outside for a few days. . With our squares, properly prepared for their role, you will certainly not risk damaging the goods!

As our solid board angles have a multi-layer structure of kraft paper, they are extremely stiff. It’s good to know that kraft paper is made of recycled paper, and sulphates are added to the felt during production. The kraft paper we use is mechanically processed, namely boiling, smoothing, pressing and several chemical processes with the use of sulphates, which means that it acquires the properties that are ideal for us. We can make virtually anything from it! The cardboard produced in this way has special properties – it does not behave like paper, but like stiff plastic, it is resistant to damage, and thanks to the polyethylene cover, it becomes even harder, stiffer, more resistant to moisture and temperature than normal! We decided to use recycled paper for environmental reasons. We want to protect the trees from being cut down!
Solid cardboard angles will certainly be useful during the transport of building materials. Thanks to them, your materials will not fall apart while being moved, moved or lifted, they will not slide down while driving. Therefore, the risk that they will be destroyed is reduced. Know that correctly made, polyethylene hardened angles prevent unpleasant accidents at work. Such protection is not only an investment that ensures care for the goods, but also an investment in your own and your employees’ safety!

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