Bubble wrap

Folia bąbelkowa od producenta opakowań MZPack

Foil for protection – wrapping items, as well as filling the remaining empty space in the shipment. Perfectly wraps around objects of various shapes.

What is bubble wrap?

Bubble wrap is nowadays very widely used in everyday life. This material – seemingly very simple in its structure – is used, among others, by to protect various objects against external force or pressure. It can be used both for wrapping things, but also for filling empty spaces in shipments, e.g. for transport. It works great with any shape, especially irregular, and is able to protect literally any product from damage. Bubble wrap is such a universal material that it is hard to imagine your life without using it.

Characteristic features of the bubble wrap

The bubble wrap is made of an elastic, plastic material with its structure containing air bubbles at regular intervals on the entire surface. They are used to ensure adequate cushioning and increase the volume of the material while maintaining its low weight. Bubble foil – this material is also known as this – is very flexible and soft. Its additional feature is water resistance, thanks to which it can also protect the packed product against weather conditions, such as rain or snow.

folia babelkowa od producenta MZPack

The use of bubble wrap in everyday life

Bubble foil has a very wide purpose and the possibilities of its application are practically unlimited. Thanks to its properties, it can protect against dust, dirt, vibrations, mechanical damage such as crushing or impact, as well as against moisture. It is used all over the world by both companies and private individuals. It is worth mentioning the most popular applications of bubble wrap.

Securing the contents of parcels by wrapping with bubble wrap

The best-known example of using bubble wrap in everyday life is its use to protect the shipped goods by wrapping the item several times around (to the appropriate thickness) and taping the end with tape. Wrapping even the most delicate products in foil, such as glass or porcelain, as well as electronic components, will protect them during transport and ensure that they reach the addressee in their entirety.


Filling free space in cardboard boxes

Not always when packing products for shipment, the sender has a cardboard box of perfect size, and not every product can be packed so that it accurately fills the entire interior of the shipment. Bubble foil comes in handy, and can be successfully placed in empty spaces, so that the contents will not be exposed to damage as a result of moving inside the box.

Material helpful when moving

Bubble wrap turns out to be very helpful when you move to live. In every home there are many items and furniture that can be damaged when carrying them to the car, on the road and unpacking. Properly protecting items with bubble wrap and separating them with its help will reduce the risk of cracks, scratches and scratches of valuable items, absorbing them while carrying and transporting.

Production of bubble envelopes

Bubble wrap is an important component of bubble envelopes – combined with a layer of paper, it creates an incredibly convenient solution for sending relatively small, delicate items, such as jewelry, electronics or decorative items.

Protection for garden plants

Gardening enthusiasts appreciate the bubble wrap for its thermal insulation properties, and use it to protect various types of plants against the effects of low temperatures. To ensure oxygen access, they make holes in the foil, which allows air to reach the inside of the foil and provide it to protected plants.

Thermal insulation of walls and roofs

Air bubble foil of appropriate thickness and strength is also an excellent thermal protection used in construction – thanks to its relatively high thermal resistance, it works well for thermal insulation of roofs or walls of buildings. It is part of the insulating layer, thanks to which thermal energy is reflected and not absorbed.

Protection of pools

In Poland, a solution that is still rarely used, but very appreciated in Western countries, is the use of bubble foil to protect the water surface in the pool from cooling down (thermal insulation layer), as well as insects or pollution in the form of fallen leaves or sand blown by the wind.

Bubble wrap variants available on the market

There are many types of bubble wrap on the market today. The most basic material of this type is standard transparent foil with different sizes of individual air chambers. However, it may also be available in other color variants, and may also be made of a material of different thickness – depending on its intended use.

Bubble wrap is an ideal material for securing items that are important to us. Few people know that it was once supposed to be used as a plastic wallpaper, but instead of a wall decoration, air bubble foil was obtained. Today, it serves us as a filling material for the inside of packages and protecting our valuables. Although in the past people did not give it a chance of success, today it is known that it has special properties:

  • it absorbs shocks well – because there are air bubbles at regular intervals, each landing is soft. Air-filled “balloons” behave like springs and, after hitting a hard surface, accumulate energy to return it to the ground at the moment of impact. The greater the number of air chambers, the better the shock absorption. In other words: a bubble wrap that has a relatively high density of air chambers works better than one that has a smaller one.
  • it is very resilient – this property makes items with irregular shapes well protected. Bubble foils have a basis weight of 30-80 g / m2. Typically, the diameter of the bubble is 10 mm. Each bubble has the unique ability to regain its original shape just after impact. And all thanks to the air in the chambers! The appropriate grammage makes the foil of high quality, and you do not have to worry about the condition of your goods.
  • it is very stretchy – flexible and difficult to define bubble wrap has the ability to lengthen and expand in various directions, making it possible to pack items of various shapes.
  • it is a good thermal insulator – that’s why it perfectly protects meals prepared to go. In addition, it protects chilled meals from overheating. It is good to know that bubble wrap is also used by paramedics to isolate the patient from the cold in hypothermic conditions.
  • protects against moisture and is very tight – you can easily wrap your phone with it.

The bubble wrap can even wrap the item in several layers so that the protection is even better than normal!
Bubble wrap can create a protective coating on literally every item! It is perfect as a material that protects both a book against possible damage / getting wet, as well as a disk, CD, telephone, and even a laptop!

We create bubble wrap of different weights so that you can choose what exactly you need. The fact is that the bubble wrap securing a woman’s handbag does not have to be of the same high quality as the one securing a smartphone or computer. The fact is that the latter must also be airtight, waterproof. Hence, in the former case, a foil with large bubbles can be used, and in the latter, preferably the foil with tiny bubbles, but located relatively densely. It is good if such bubble wrap has thicker walls and wraps the object several times. Because we care about the customer’s opinion, we do not sell the material on the basis of “every film is the same”, but we try to match the quality of the material to the customer’s requirements.


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