Jesteśmy w stanie wyprodukować kątowniki i tuleje tekturowe zgodne z certyfikatem FSC®.

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kątowniki z tektury litej
Cardboard corners

Our cardboard corners, thanks to its strength can be used for packaging goods on pallets: Vegetables and fruits Furniture Doors […]

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tuleje tekturowe
Cardboard tubes

Cardboard tubes manufactured by us can be used in many industries. They are used for rolling materials such as: – tape […]

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taśma spinająca pet
PET Tape

PET tapes are very durable and extremely stretchable. The PET tapes are an alternative to steel straps. For many reasons. […]

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taśma spinająca pp
PP Tape

PP Tape guarantees the highest elongation of all types of tapes and has a high resistance to deformation. The PP […]

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tasmy samoprzylepne
Adhesive tape

Probably everyone applied adhesive tape. Generally they are used to secure a  packages and protect their content. Appropriate selection of […]

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taśmy z nadrukiem
Adhesive tape with overprint

Each of us depend on that to shipment arrive intact to your customers. More and more people draws attention not […]

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MZPack to producent folii stretch
Stretch film

Stretch films are gaining recognition among an increasing number of users. Currently they are used not only in transport, trade […]

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