We are able to produce cardboard angles and sleeves compliant with the FSC® certificate..

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Kup teraz kwadratowe tuby wysyłkowe
Square shipping tubes

In the case of large-format printed items – calendars, posters, maps or photo wallpapers – sellers who use the option […]

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kątowniki z tektury litej
Cardboard corners

The solid cardboard angles we produce protect the entire load against damage to the edges and corners during transport or […]

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tuleje tekturowe
Cardboard sleeves

The bushings produced by us can be used in many industries. They are used for winding materials such as: tapes, […]

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taśma spinająca pet
PET Tape

Our offer includes various types, widths and strengths of PET strapping tapes, depending on the type of cargo to be […]

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taśma spinająca pp
PP Tape

PP strapping tapes are used to secure products and heavy loads (mainly pallets), or to protect parcels against opening. The […]

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tasmy samoprzylepne
Self-adhesive tapes

The adhesive tapes we offer may be on one of the three types of glue: acrylic, hot-melt, solvent, which, with […]

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taśmy z nadrukiem
Tapes with print

Our printed adhesive tape combines all the elements of security and advertising, discreetly reaching the customer. Thanks to their excellent […]

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MZPack to producent folii stretch
Stretch foil

The stretch films we offer are polyethylene films (LLDPE CAST), commonly used to stabilize and protect products during packaging and […]

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Folia bąbelkowa od producenta opakowań MZPack
Bubble wrap

Foil for protection – wrapping items, as well as filling the remaining empty space in the shipment. Perfectly wraps around […]

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Justyna Gorobec

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Marta Góralska

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Anna Olszewska

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