Self-adhesive tapes

tasmy samoprzylepne

The adhesive tapes we offer may be on one of the three types of glue:

  • acrylic,
  • hot-melt,
  • solvent,

which, with appropriate adjustment to the requirements, will ensure that our self-adhesive tape will properly secure each shipment.

MZPACK – adhesive tape, packing tape

Adhesive tapes were probably used by everyone. They are mainly used to secure various packages and protect their contents. Correct selection of the width, strength of the glue and the type of material the adhesive tape was made of will provide an effective protective barrier for each package. Packaging tapes should be adapted to different packages, depending on their weight with the product. Such tapes are stretchy, connect well, and thanks to the “varnish” coating used – glossy. Thanks to it, the tapes are resistant to temperature changes and moisture, while maintaining their properties.

Acrylic – it is eco-friendly, so the acrylic adhesive tape is completely environmentally friendly in the production process as well as in use. The stickiness of the tapes and the flexibility of the carrier, typical of polypropylene tapes, make the product more and more often chosen as an alternative to rubber tapes. Suitable for packing medium and light cardboard boxes.

Hot-melt (synthetic rubber) – thanks to its advantages such as stickiness, flexibility, as well as the gloss of the carrier and transparency, typical of polypropylene tapes, is widely used in the packaging sector. Such an adhesive tape is resistant to moisture and has a high adhesive strength. Suitable for packing large, medium and light cardboard boxes.

Solvent (natural rubber) – a self-adhesive tape with a very aggressive adhesive strength, with an adhesive layer based on solvent adhesive (natural rubber) with natural resins, with resistance to low temperatures, for industrial and general use, for sealing the most demanding cartons, both by hand and automatic.

All kinds of hand tapes can be transparent or brown, they can also be machine-wound. We also offer a silent tape – more and more often used self-adhesive tape, ensuring comfort and silence during packing, and does not emit a characteristic sound when unwinding.

Due to the wide range of products, even the most demanding package will be perfectly protected thanks to us.

Self-adhesive tapes for the unique needs of our customers

The self-adhesive tapes we have created have not been produced in bulk with everyone in mind, but to meet the unique needs of our customers. According to the rule, “what is good for Kowalski does not have to suit Nowak”, we made wrapping tapes on a different adhesive basis.

Acrylic tapes, due to the fact that they belong to “thermophilic” materials, are perfect at positive temperatures, in packing not too heavy goods, they will prove themselves in office work. Acrylic glue has high adhesion, but in difficult conditions its rubber counterparts work better. Acrylic tapes are resistant to moisture and naturally appearing aging processes. By using acrylic tapes, you can confidently protect products intended for transport or storage in the basement.

Hot-melt synthetic rubber belts are replacing natural rubber. They are suitable for securing packages of medium and heavy weight. They are characterized by average resistance to moisture.

Natural rubber tapes were created with exceptional needs in mind. Natural rubber is one of the best raw materials from which our glue is made. Because it has a high adaptability, the adhesive tapes produced with it are extremely sticky, flexible, resistant to moisture and water! You can seal everything with them! Importantly, it’s hard to tear them off the ground, so you can safely secure the most valuable goods with this tape!

Adhesive tapes are an indispensable tool for every serious company, every office, every state institution and office. They are also useful at home and even … at school. The fact is that without her participation, you will not secure important items, moving will turn out to be difficult, and important documents will be spoiled by wind. In order to avoid all kinds of unfortunate situations, it is imperative that you have the right tape.

Because we care about our customers, to best meet the expectations of buyers, we do not add mysterious additives to our tapes, and more specifically to the adhesive bases, which disrupt the proper functioning of the tape. You may not know it, but most adhesive tapes that you can buy in bulk at favorable prices contain mysterious compounds in the adhesive base that reduce its quality, strength, adhesive strength and duration. We also advise against investing in a tape with an unknown composition of the adhesive substrate, as it is most likely of poor quality. Remember that the customer’s opinion means a lot to us , therefore we try to match the product with specific parameters to your needs!

Are you moving? Are your packages heavy? – Self-adhesive solvent tapes made of natural rubber will work best.
Do you want to pack your child’s old toys in a box and take them to the attic? – A tape with a synthetic rubber base can easily handle it.

Are you going to pack your documents in a box and secure them? – If you intend to store them at home, acrylic tape should not have any problems with it!


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