Adhesive tape

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Probably everyone applied adhesive tape. Generally they are used to secure a  packages and protect their content. Appropriate selection of the width and strength as well as the type of material from which was made adhesive tape provide an effective protection for each package. Adhesive tapes should be customized to a variety of packages. Such tapes are stretchable, combine well and, thanks to the applied coating “paint” – shiny. Thanks to it our tapes  are resistant to temperature changes or humidity.

We offer adhesive tapes with three types of glue:
–    acrylic
–    hot-melt
–    solvent

Acrylic– it has the ecological, so that the tape adhesive to the acrylic adhesive is completely environmentally friendly. The tack strip and flexible vehicle, typical strapping makes it is more often chosen as an alternative to the rubber strip. Suitable for cartons of medium and low weight.

Hot-melt(synthetic rubber) – due to its qualities such as tackiness, elasticity, gloss, typical strapping, it is widely used in the wrapping sector. Such adhesive tape is resistant to moisture and high adhesive strength. Suitable for packaging cartons high, medium and low weight.

Solvent (natural rubber)- adhesive tape with a very high adhesive strength of solvent-based adhesive (natural rubber) with natural resins, with resistance to low temperatures. For industrial and general use, to the most demanding sealing of cartons, both by hand and automatically.

All types of adhesive tapes may be transparent or brown color.  We also offer a silent tape – increasingly willing to apply adhesive tape, comfort and tranquility during packaging, they do not seem characteristic sound during unwinding.

Due to the wide range of even the most demanding package, thanks to us, it will be perfectly secured.


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