Cardboard sleeves

tuleje tekturowe

The bushings produced by us can be used in many industries. They are used for winding materials such as:

  • tapes,
  • fibers,
  • papers,
  • foils,
  • cables, etc.

Cardboard sleeves

Cardboard sleeves can be used for packing and securing the packaging goods, e.g.

  • posters, leaflets,
  • map,
  • documents,
  • when building advertising stands, etc

In the production of the sleeves, we use high-quality Kraft paper and a specially selected mixture of adhesives. Thanks to this, our tubes meet the highest standards set by our customers!

We offer sleeves:

  • spiral wound
  • with different cover layers
  • with any imprint


  • inner diameter: from 17 mm to 400 mm
  • wall thickness: from 1 mm to 20 mm
  • length: up to 6000 mm


Cardboard sleeves

Cardboard cores are an indispensable element of some industries. It is difficult to imagine life without properly rolled cables or with chaotically scattered documents and leaflets. And it cannot be denied that sleeves, commonly known as rollers, are also useful at home, in everyday life. Cardboard sleeves made of a small number of layers are prone to damage, crushing or due to the weight of the material wound on them, they easily sag, bend, and when wet with a small amount of water, they dissolve.

Let’s not be charmed by the fact that documents, carpets, leaflets or posters wound on a sleeve, which has been broken due to the weight of the material, look bad. After all, business is about presenting your goods in the best possible way! Hence, we offer several types of cores, with different thicknesses of layers, so that you can adapt the “reel” to the needs of your business, to the material that will be wound on it or inserted into it.

Our cardboard sleeves can be additionally equipped with caps on both sides. Then you get a packaging in which you can store documents, legal acts, maps and drawings. A packaging made in this way is a great protection for drawings or plans. Importantly, you don’t have to fold them to put them in a small briefcase. Cardboard sleeves with plugs are an excellent alternative to a briefcase, designed for draftsmen and painters.

Cardboard sleeves can also be used as construction elements. They can be both protection for the loudspeakers and a roll in which cables from all kinds of equipment will be hidden. Such a sleeve can protect against children’s access to the cables!

Why choose us?

We care about the opinion of the customer, which is why we make durable sleeves, not bending under the weight of the wound material, and, importantly, ecological. The environment is important to us, we respect Mother Earth, therefore we use recycled paper for the production of our cores. It is as durable as the standard one, and we prevent more trees from falling!

For the production of the sleeves, we use the best quality glue that ensures durability. We adhere to the principle that our product cannot decay due to the use of low-quality raw materials! We only use glue with good material bonding properties.

Therefore, you gain a guarantee that your goods will not be damaged during transport and the tube will not be crushed. Thus, your goods will look perfect! It will reach your client in an intact, original form, just like you planned it! We respect the development of your company, career and dreams!

We offer cardboard sleeves of various lengths, grammages and wall thicknesses. This means that the choice of tube types is practically unlimited, just like your possibilities. We are able to adapt to the client’s needs to create a product that will fully satisfy you.

The choice of wall thickness means that it is easy to adapt the tube to your needs. It is logical that the wall of the sleeve on which the fabric will be wound should have a different thickness, another tube that serves as a winding for the carpet, and yet another, the one on which you intend to wind the paper.


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