PP Tape

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PP strapping tapes are used to secure products and heavy loads (mainly pallets), or to protect parcels against opening. The PP tape we offer is available in many types of width and strength, so it can be adapted to different applications.

PP tape

The PP tape guarantees the highest extensibility of all types of tapes, and has a high resistance to deformation. It is appreciated not only in the packaging industry, but PP tape is also often used in the furniture, paper and many other industries that need to pack and transport goods. Our company has the option of printing on tapes in black on all types of tapes available from us.

Thanks to the high quality and durability, our PP tape is widely used and appreciated by a wide range of recipients.


PP strapping tape

PP polypropylene tapes are used wherever there is a need to secure the load. This is the case when heavy goods are stacked on a pallet or the boxes need to be closed tightly. PP tapes can be fastened by hand or by machine.

PP tapes are characterized by high strength, they are extremely resistant to breaking or tearing, even under the weight of several hundred kilograms. Tapes made of polypropylene are intended for welding or joining with clips made of wire, sheet metal or plastic. Which connection will be used depends on the weight of the goods we intend to secure. It is obvious that the more a given good weighs, the stronger the fastening is needed, and therefore a sheet, wire or other durable or super-durable material.
Our propylene tapes are available in various sizes. Their width varies from 5 to 19 mm, depending on the customer’s needs.

The significant advantages of pp tapes are:

  • they stabilize the load very well because they are inflexible and resistant to possible shape changes. This is one of the most important features as it determines safety during transport. It prevents the load from slipping out. In addition, it adheres perfectly to the packed goods.
  • It can be purchased in various widths, so it can be safely used both for securing small packages and large goods.
    pp tapes are made of polypropylene, which is the lowest density material among the commonly used polymers. They show high chemical resistance to acids, salts, bases and solvents, of course at room temperature. The durability of the material ranges from -20 to +100 degrees Celsius, so it can be safely used in our weather conditions.
  • Thanks to the polypropylene structure, pp tapes remain rigid.
  • Importantly, pp tapes made of polypropylene are completely non-toxic to humans, and at the same time very resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • They are easy to connect and weld.

Our pp tapes are made of the highest quality polypropylene produced as a result of low-pressure polymerization of propene. For the production, we use only high-quality solvents, thanks to which isotactic polypropylene precipitates. This means that its atomic structure is very specific to other plastics – all methyl groups are only on one side of the chain – so they are ordered, not chaotically scattered. It is this, quite “pedantic” structure of the polypropylene chain that gives it unique properties. They make it resistant to bending, stiff, resistant to tearing.

We make sure that our polypropylene is devoid of parts that are chemically different. We know well that the syndiotactic (alternating) arrangement of methyl groups gives plastics completely different mechanical properties. For example, they are less chemically resistant and much less stiff, less resistant to damage. Hence, we supervise all processes leading to the creation of pp tapes. We care about your good opinion and your safety!


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