PET Tape

taśma spinająca pet

PET tapes are very durable and extremely stretchable. The PET tapes are an alternative to steel straps. For many reasons. First of all PET tape absorbs impact or variations of goods during transportation much better and due to its characteristics, does not break. It is much safer for the edges of the loading. PET tape meets the requirements of safety. Each PET tape has the capability of extending and unchanging maintain the tension. Of particular delight is in the furniture industry, but also for the transport of aluminum, and paper plates.

We offer different types, width and strength of straps, depending on the type of load, which is intended to protect. Thanks to  the PET tape goods are transported safely, without any risk of damage or displacement on the pallet.


Sales representatives

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Justyna Gorobec

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Malwina Kosiorek-Kaczmarczyk

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Natalia Szełemej

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Marta Góralska

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