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taśma spinająca pet

Our offer includes various types, widths and strengths of PET strapping tapes, depending on the type of cargo to be secured.

MZPACK – pet tape, strapping tape

PET tapes are very durable and extremely stretchy. Today they are an alternative to steel strips. For many reasons. First of all, the PET tape better absorbs shocks or deviations of goods during transport and thanks to its properties, it does not break. It is much safer for the edge of the load. Packing with PET tape meets the health and safety requirements, is much easier and cleaner than packing with steel tape. Each PET tape has the ability to extend and keep the tension unchanged. He is particularly fond of the furniture industry, but also in the transport of aluminum, boards or paper.

Our offer includes various types, widths and strengths of tapes, depending on the type of cargo that is to be secured. With the PET strap, the goods are transported safely, without the risk of damage or shifting on the pallet.

Properties of the PET strapping tape

Each courier company places high demands on each sender regarding the method of packing parcels, especially heavy-sized ones. However, the most important thing is to properly secure the cargo and stabilize it during transport so that the goods are added to the recipient without damage. These properties are provided by the PET polyester strapping tape, which is suitable for connecting or strapping the load with the pallet and products packed in cardboard boxes. PET tape, apart from the fact that it is characterized by a very high tear strength, does not damage or discolor cargo, and is also resistant to weather conditions, which allows you to store the material protected with PET tapes outside. Moreover, the tape, thanks to its flexibility, can take the shape of the load that is being secured, and adapt to possible changes in the dimensions of the load, e.g. after a longer period of storage. Such an example of a load may be wood, which reduces its volume during drying, but the tension of the PET tape remains unchanged due to its shrinking property, and the load is still stably secured. The PET strapping tape is light and comfortable to use, and also very handy to wear, e.g. in a warehouse.

PET strapping tape – facilitating transport

PET strapping straps, apart from the properties of the load fastening, can also be helpful in carrying it. Sometimes it is difficult to move a heavy and, moreover, bulky object from place to place. Thanks to the ties made with a PET strapping tape, we can easily grab the load, because the tape is flexible, which allows you to conveniently lift the package. For greater convenience and efficiency in the production process and transport of loads, additional bindings in the form of practical handles can be used. Such prepared loads can be moved both manually and with the use of appropriate machines.

The method of PET strapping

To tension the PET strapping on the load, use tensioning and strapping devices, the so-called of the tensioners complete with clamping tongs, while for manual connection of the ends of the PET tape, metal clamps are needed, which are permanently crimped at the two ends of the PET tape with a strapping machine. On the other hand, wire clasps prevent the PET strap from slipping on the load, are durable and easy to install with the use of a suitable tensioner. Manual tensioners are small, light and easy to carry, depending on the place of their use, they allow you to fasten packages both vertically and horizontally. In order to better secure the load, you can use PP protective corners, which protect the package from getting into a soft load, such as cardboard boxes. The corners are broken, they can be bent at any angle, so we can adapt them to any load.


PET strapping straps have perfectly replaced steel straps, while reducing the costs associated with packing shipments, especially recommended in most production and transport companies (warehouses). PET strapping tapes are light, easy and safe to use. It is an excellent product that meets the requirements of each client.



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